Streamline the process of buying and exporting vehicles from Sweden.

Our mission

We handle all aspects of car buying and export.

We are a Swedish company dedicated to assisting our clients in locating and purchasing export-worthy vehicles within the Swedish market. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses every aspect of the car buying process, including sourcing the perfect vehicle, negotiating with sellers and participating in auctions, handling necessary paperwork, managing transportation logistics, and navigating customs requirements. Our primary goal is to guide you in discovering the ideal car that aligns with your specific preferences and export needs.

Why Export Cars Sweden

We specialize in facilitating a more secure approach to international car purchases.

By partnering with us, you significantly reduce the risks associated with acquiring vehicles from new dealers. We conduct thorough security checks on both the cars and the dealerships, ensuring a safer transaction process.

With our assistance, you gain access to valuable documents that may otherwise be unavailable to you, including insurance accident checks, mileage verification, VAT assessments, and more.

In today’s landscape, many dealers hesitate to sell cars for export due to the time-consuming nature of the process, especially VAT refunds. Additionally, internal regulations for brand-new cars often restrict their sale for export purposes, leading dealers to decline export transactions. We can assist you in navigating these challenges effectively.

Feel free to reach out to us, and let’s explore the various collaboration possibilities available to ensure your international car buying experience is as smooth and secure as possible.

Our deep understanding of the Swedish car market guarantees
you the best vehicle at the best price.


We have in-depth knowledge of the Swedish car market, ensuring you find the right vehicle at the right price.

Simplified Process

We handle everything from locating the ideal car to customs paperwork, making your export experience effortless.

”At Export Cars Sweden, cars are more than just vehicles; they're our passion. We're committed to helping you buy and sell cars with the same enthusiasm and care we would for our own.”

Our Customers Feedback

Our customers trust us for our professionalism and expert handling of every step in the car buying and exporting process.

Professional Team

Meet the passionate individuals who drive Export Cars Sweden’s success. Our diverse team combines expertise in car sourcing, negotiations, logistics, and customs, ensuring you receive top-notch service.

Simeon Kraljevski

Simeon Kraljevski

Izabela Trajkova

Izabela Trajkova

Andrija Knezhevikj

Andrija Knezhevikj

Buying Specialist & Key Account Manager

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